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Hey, friends! It's been a while and sometimes this blog makes me feel like the absolute worst! Nothing like mom guilt over rarely documenting life here after the second child. Am I right?!

But in the spirit of documenting what I love and trying to get back on track, I thought I would share our Thanksgiving! Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Ours was great but I honestly cooked so much that I don't care to do it again until next year! Of course, I say that and Christmas will roll around and I'll make big dinner plans again...

We aren't usually home for Thanksgiving so this year was a bit of a treat. We stayed in and decorated the house for Christmas a little early. Except for the dining room - which, I did right by Thanksgiving with a mix of real and ceramic pumpkins and fresh greenery. We snuggled together on the sofa watching the floats and balloons of the Macy's parade on TV. The kids pointed out their favorite characters and had pretend snowball fights during the commercials. 

A great dinner, a little Black Friday shopping, and a lot of family time. We had the best weekend and it was the perfect kick-off to the holidays! 


Fall is one of my favorite times to gather up on the sofa with our favorite books! The season lends itself to all things cozy and what sounds better than being snuggled up on the sofa with a good book? Throw in some twinkly lights, too! 

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I'm reading the Serafina series to Lia every night and we just finished up the first book. It's magical and full of mystery. It's a little dark too but it almost reminds me of Harry Potter. We are big fans though! I can't wait to dig into the next one with her. It's the perfect book to read on a cool, October evening. 


Last year we took a mini family vacation at the end of summer. We really just needed a few days just for the four of us to just kind of chill out and regroup before school started. So, we took a weekend trip to Amelia Island. It's the perfect distance from us (2 hours!) to feel like we're on vacation but not so far that the kids hate the car ride.

And, we loved it so much that we decided to do it again this year. We're always traveling to visit family but these summer get-aways are just for us. 


Both of the kids are in school this year. It's nuts!


We're (well, really, me) trying to get back on track with meal planning. With school back in session for both kids and therapy appts and ballet and everything else life has to offer, our weeks are about to get busy again.

And, I am a much nicer person with the evening rolls around and I've got dinner plans!


We're kid-free this week! I'm missing them like absolutely crazy. Their little faces and hugs and the pitter-patter of their feet down the stairs. But, since they are gone, we're going to eat the foods that the kids don't like. Tacos + quiet dinners? Count me in!


Another mid-week meal plan coming at you. Summer time is eating my schedule alive! But, I'm kind of okay with that. I feel summer vacation slipping through my fingers and we're almost out of time. Schedules and routines will find their time again soon enough. For now, it's all about fun and yummy food!