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A mid-week meal plan because that's how summer has been rolling. Schedules have been tossed to the wind. Bedtimes? What are those? We're doing days how we feel and cramming in all the fun. I'm exhausted, of course, so we take off a day or two each week to try and play catch up. Yesterday was grocery pick-up day, so I figured I'd put our meal plan here on the blog incase someone else needed some summer meal plan inspiration!

MONDAY chicken taquitos

TUESDAY pizza out with friends

WEDNESDAY grilled steak garden salad

THURSDAY green chile chicken enchiladas

FRIDAY chicken pasta salad

I'll be honest. We aren't being super creative with our meal plans right now. We take shortcuts when we can (hello, rotisserie chicken from Sams that is precut and chilled) and we eat out at least once a week. But, if it's working for us and I can get a couple meals on the table that the majority of the family is happy with, I'm calling it a win. Kid-friendly meals with my crew are few and far in-between.

Almost all of the meals I make can easily be tweaked to a kid-friendly meal. The kids won't eat steak so we do chicken for them (I always keep frozen organic chicken nuggets in the house) and we give them fruit and some salad items (they both love hard boiled eggs and Lia will eat lettuce and cucumbers). On nights we eat Spanish food, we give the kids deconstructed tacos. Flour tortillas, shredded cheese, and whatever meat we're having. It's fun and yummy for them!

I try really hard not to make multiple meals a night. I'm not a huge fan of cooking so being as short order cook is totally out of the question. But, little tweaks here and there keep us mostly happy most nights. And, when all else fails, grill out!


We're big fans of summer bucket lists! I used to make them for every season (what seems like forever ago!)  but we've gotten in the groove of saving them for summer time and it makes them that much sweeter.

Lia gets a little carried away when making our summer lists. She just really enjoys adding every little thing we could possibly do during our summer break. But, you can't blame her. Summer only rolls around once a year and I'm just as in love with it as she is!


We celebrated the 4th at home this year! We tend to be all over during the summer and we've only spent a handfuls of July 4th's at our house so, when we are home, we don't have any set traditions besides eating delicious food and watching fireworks.

Which means, every 4th that rolls around usually looks a little different for us. Which can be totally fun it it's own way!


Meals and food, in general, around here has been a little up and down. Lots of takeout, random meals thrown together, or just missed meals. We've been on vacation and trying to settle back in after vacation and things get crazy!

I figured I'd hop on here and share a meal plan today since it's Monday and we've got a few more weeks before our next trip!


There's only two of us this week which made meal planning and order groceries easy. Nico isn't an adventurous eater. He's more of a grazer too, so big meals aren't his thing either. So, our meals are going to be really simple this week.


Happy Sunday! It's our first official weekend of Summer and half of the crew is already gone. M is in Atlanta for work  and Lia is spending the week with her grandparents in North Carolina. They surprised her with a bike and plan on teaching her how to ride it! So, I think she's going to have a pretty exciting time. Nico and I are going to spend the week potty training (again!) and packing for a couple trips we've got coming up. We're actually spending the upcoming weekend in North Carolina with Lia and my parents before we head to New York next week. We're going to kick off Summer with some fun! After the whole potty training thing. Ha!


I haven't meal planned in two weeks and the difference in our schedule and routine is kind of cringeworthy! So, if you were ever on a meal planning ledge of "should I or shouldn't I? You should. Trust me.