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We're kid-free this week! I'm missing them like absolutely crazy. Their little faces and hugs and the pitter-patter of their feet down the stairs. But, since they are gone, we're going to eat the foods that the kids don't like. Tacos + quiet dinners? Count me in!


Another mid-week meal plan coming at you. Summer time is eating my schedule alive! But, I'm kind of okay with that. I feel summer vacation slipping through my fingers and we're almost out of time. Schedules and routines will find their time again soon enough. For now, it's all about fun and yummy food!


We flew to New York last month for a family wedding and, of course, we had to squeeze in all the adventures that we could!

M's younger sister got married in Long Island and the kids and I were in the wedding. We decided to fly into New York a few days before the wedding and stay a few days after so we could have more time with his family.


I don't know what it is about summer books. Is it the classic nostalgic summer qualities that they hit spot on? The sprawling, beach houses on the shore. The ocean side drama. Long nights under a star-lit sky. Fried fish baskets and icy, cold treats all around. I don't even like fish, but in a summer book? Throw me a basket! 

Summer just holds all of the quintessential elements. Red checkered picnic blankets. Wedges of watermelon and all the cold salads. Baseball games and vacations to the shore. I love that even if I can't capture all of these moments in our actual summer, the books I read can.

But, like any other season, I need some dark drama thrown in the mix. Something to read at night until my eyes can't stay open anymore. Something so intriguing that I can't put it down. 

So, I give to you, my top 6 books for this summer. All of which are on my library holds list. Again, can we just thank modern technology for how far beloved libraries have come? I will never not be in love with public libraries. 


A mid-week meal plan because that's how summer has been rolling. Schedules have been tossed to the wind. Bedtimes? What are those? We're doing days how we feel and cramming in all the fun. I'm exhausted, of course, so we take off a day or two each week to try and play catch up. Yesterday was grocery pick-up day, so I figured I'd put our meal plan here on the blog incase someone else needed some summer meal plan inspiration!


We're big fans of summer bucket lists! I used to make them for every season (what seems like forever ago!)  but we've gotten in the groove of saving them for summer time and it makes them that much sweeter.

Lia gets a little carried away when making our summer lists. She just really enjoys adding every little thing we could possibly do during our summer break. But, you can't blame her. Summer only rolls around once a year and I'm just as in love with it as she is!


We celebrated the 4th at home this year! We tend to be all over during the summer and we've only spent a handfuls of July 4th's at our house so, when we are home, we don't have any set traditions besides eating delicious food and watching fireworks.

Which means, every 4th that rolls around usually looks a little different for us. Which can be totally fun it it's own way!