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Sitting down to plan our upcoming meals each weekend has really been helping me to nail down some routine in our week. Instead of scrambling every Monday morning for groceries or stopping by the store every evening, I order them online on Sunday evenings and pick them Monday morning after dropping Lia off at school. It's working well for us and having a dinner plan before 4 o'clock every day keeps our evenings a little more on track and makes me less panicky and agitated. 

And a less panicky and agitated mama makes everyone happier, am I right? 


Happy Sunday night. + Happy Earth Day! It's been a LONG week so we took the weekend off from anything too crazy (besides tackling the huge chore of cleaning out our garage!). We had a lunch date to our favorite cuban restaurant, we stopped by a newly renovated park in our area, I grabbed dinner + drinks with a gal pal and then we headed to the movies. It was so nice to catch up and chat about our small businesses and big dreams for a bit. And today, we sat down for breakfast together and then went out and bought ferns to spruce up our front porch on Earth Day. It was a really good weekend. And, it's ending with a Shonda Rhimes catch-up fest and an ice cream bar in bed.


With one kid out of town last week and the other in a stage of "picking and grazing all day without actually eating any real meals", I cooked up some dinners that were a little different than our usual but new-found favorites for Manny and I. This week? It's just me and the 2 picky kids which means dinners will be slightly chaotic and extremely kid-friendly.


It's another Sunday night where I'm up late catching up on things (like writing down what I need to do this week and placing our weekly grocery order!) and the house is finally quiet except for reruns of Dawson's Creek playing in the background. Lia spent the past spring break week with her grandparents in North Carolina while I stayed at home potty training Nico. I think we're really making good strides with it! Today we went bowling and stopped at Michaels for some extra picture frames to pull together a gallery wall in L's bedroom. I redesigned it for her this week and I can't wait to share photos! 


I have had plans in the back of my mind (and a gallon of paint in our garage) waiting on me to finally start on Lia's bedroom makeover. It needed a fresh coat of paint and lately she's mentioned that the current pink is just "too light". 

We tend to tackle projects while the kids are out of town. And this week, even though it's only L out of town, Nico has been attached to my side when it comes to who takes him potty and makes his snacks and tucks him into bed, so we figured that M would have some free time to tackle the paint job while Nico and I shopped around for new pieces to pull together the space. We happened to be in Michael's picking up a couple of frames and I popped down the fairy garden aisle. Lia has been asking to make a fairy garden and I just haven't brought myself to do it. I don't know what it is - all the tiny breakable pieces, the fact that it has to go outdoors, etc. - but I always just say "maybe later". But I had an idea when I was in the aisle and things were on sale and I hope it's a good enough compromise for now!

I grabbed a jar with a lid, some green moss, and 2 tiny treasures. This DIY is incredibly easy and pretty inexpensive since everything was on sale.


Books are a favorite around here! On a good week, I can go through at least one book. And the kids? They pretty much sleep with piles of them. We'll hear a loud thump in the middle of the night and 90% of the time it's just a book falling out of one of their beds! 

Since I already share books that I love, I thought I'd create a seasonal series for kids. Most of these will be books we already love with a few new ones that we'll be adding to our library list to discover. Because if there's one thing we really, really love (besides books, of course!)? It's our public library and their really great lending system!


Dinner ideas this week came together quickly. The husband helped with a few and since L is with her grandparents for the week, I only have to appease one picky kid at the dinner table! So, we focused on meals that M and I really wanted to eat and I can easily pick them apart for Nico. Shredded chicken and rice from the enchiladas will make up most of his meal that night while I'll deconstruct the mexican cobb salad for his portion leaving out what he won't eat. Easy meals that work for everyone eating!