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There's only two of us this week which made meal planning and order groceries easy. Nico isn't an adventurous eater. He's more of a grazer too, so big meals aren't his thing either. So, our meals are going to be really simple this week.

MONDAY greek chicken + rice

TUESDAY scrambled eggs + fruit

THURSDAY take-out

Our meal plan ends on Thursday because we're hitting the road on Friday for my parents house in North Carolina! Here's to a good week + good food! 


Happy Sunday! It's our first official weekend of Summer and half of the crew is already gone. M is in Atlanta for work  and Lia is spending the week with her grandparents in North Carolina. They surprised her with a bike and plan on teaching her how to ride it! So, I think she's going to have a pretty exciting time. Nico and I are going to spend the week potty training (again!) and packing for a couple trips we've got coming up. We're actually spending the upcoming weekend in North Carolina with Lia and my parents before we head to New York next week. We're going to kick off Summer with some fun! After the whole potty training thing. Ha!


I haven't meal planned in two weeks and the difference in our schedule and routine is kind of cringeworthy! So, if you were ever on a meal planning ledge of "should I or shouldn't I? You should. Trust me. 


Beach season is officially happening here on the southern east coast! Since we're always at the beach or the pool, I keep a bag packed and ready to go whenever the whim strikes. I try to keep our essentials all together in one place so that it's easy to find and easy to put back away (this is KEY for my family!). Our pool needs are a little different than our beach needs so I keep two bags packed and I thought I'd share our favorite beach must-haves. 


"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every year. Every single year when May rolls around, we start spending our evenings at the beach. We do it just long enough before tourist season really kicks in and it reaffirms our love for the ocean. Got cranky kids? Drive 'em to the beach. Having a rough day? Go to the beach. It's healing on so many levels. 


It's Mother's Day week! We have a really calm week ahead of a fun weekend so I'm hoping to catch up on some things around the house and dream about creating a backyard oasis. I'm really excited to try this recipe so I threw it in the meal plan. I'm adding grilled chicken and I'm hoping it's the perfect addition to our summer food rotation (which is usually all things sandwiches and whatever we can throw on the grill!).


It's Sun-YAY! I'm so happy that this weekend has felt stretched out more so than rushed and short. I love nothing more than a weekend that is actually chill and let's you reset before the new week. I mean, parts of this weekend were the pits (like getting peed on - potty training is a whole new ballgame right now) but others (like dinner outside with my loves) were just what I needed.