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We got our guy back so it's back to some real meals. I'm kind of excited because one can only eat so much mac and cheese and pizza! 


Happy Sunday! It's finally Spring and I think the cooler weather we've been having here in the south is on it's way out. The kids ask for scooter rides every evening and our counting down the days until the pool opens back up.

We've got spring break around the corner too and I'm excited!


I'll be the first to admit - I have a black thumb! I can keep kids alive but plants? Eh. 

I still love them though! I love the pop of green and color plants bring to a space. They clean + purify the air around you. And, they bring a dose of life to a space. They last longer than flowers too! Which is a bonus, even though fresh flowers are my jam. 

We added a couple mid-sized plants to our home and I am obsessed. So far, they are thriving! So, I thought I'd do a round-up of my favorite planters. 


I'm parenting solo this week while M is away on a work trip. Which means, super easy kid-friendly meals! 


Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

I'm curious - does the leprechaun make a mess in your home and leave lots of treats? Growing up, we just wore green on this day. Making leprechaun messes + traps is a thing now though! And while I am all for celebrating the mess out of our lives and having fun, I literally just couldn't get there with leprechaun traps and purposely made messes. So, I find the middle ground the best I can. The leprechaun dyes our milk green and leaves the kids some chocolate gold coins. We wear green and make a fun treat and I call it good enough. 

But, I do love seeing how others celebrate! So, tell me - do you go all out or are you more of a middle-ground mama too? Either way, I hope you have a green + happy Sunday! 


The soccer season here started this month and Nico is old enough to play this year. We told him a few weeks before the season started and he was so excited to "meet his soccer friends!" This kid has the biggest heart and every kid he knows is his friend. 

We started practice last weekend and it's safe to stay he loves it. He actually walked off the field after practice this week and said "that was epic!". I haven't touched much on the subject of his speech issues but he's been in therapy for awhile and to hear words like "epic" come from his mouth in situations where it totally makes sense is mind-boggling in the best way.


We have made some major progress on our backyard! When I say this has been years in the making, I mean YEARS. We've been in our current house for close to 7 years and our backyard has never been what we want. But, we're changing that!