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Happy Valentine's Day babes! I thought I'd pop on here today and share our favorite cookie recipe. We make these cookies for every holiday and they are always perfect.


Valentine's day is tomorrow! Are you ready? It kind of surprised me this week, even though I knew it was coming. I think my brain was so focused on getting all the kid's valentines prepped for school and planning special snacks for their school parties. 

For us at home though, we keep it simple. Especially this year, between school and work and ballet, simple is going to be key. Usually we do take-out and spend whatever time we have together. There's always flowers and chocolate and sweet little gifts for the babes!

While we keep it simple and usually skip actual gifts, it's always fun to window shop online. Here's a few items I saw and loved!


I don't know about you, but I have struggled to find a functioning layout for our house's entryway since we moved in years ago. Ideally, I thought a bench was perfect. A cozy spot for the kids + husband to plop down on after coming home from a long day at work & school & soccer practice and take off their shoes and unload their bags.

Sounds dreamy, right? Instead, it became a drop zone. Shopping bags, ballet shoes, mail, basically anything that came in the door with us - everything just landed there and stayed there. I added a great woven basket for shoes and styled up the bench with pillows and hung some artwork. I tried really hard to make it work. But, it never did. And the biggest challenge was having our dining room open up directly to the entryway. It needed to look stylish, blend with our style, and still work for us.


Happy Sunday! We took a little walking tour in our small town with Lia's girl scout troop this morning. It was so interesting and fun to learn some of the history of this town we call home. It's full and rich and beautiful. We really love living here! 


Valentine's Day is next week! It's one of my favorite holidays. Because, what's not to love? Flowers from my guy, yummy chocolates, buying all the red + pink things for my babes. It's kind of the best. And it brings a little cheer and color to a sometimes gloomy time of the year. The weather here in mid-february is always hit or miss. I'm never really sure what we're going to get on love day!

Holidays are my jam and Valentine's Day is no different. Here's a few of my favorite love-day items from around the web! 


Besides our love of the Beatles (strawberry fields forever too!), we really love this local daffodil field. 

The owners are a sweet old couple that open it up to the public every year for just a few weeks or so. The weather plays a huge part in that, of course, so we stalk their facebook page for updates on when it's open. They've been known to sell out within hours and it's never fun to get there and realize the flowers are gone for the day!


I have been THE worst when it comes to grocery shopping lately. As in, I just haven't done it. Which leads to daily stops at the store that both the kids and my wallet dislike. I got it together this weekend though and finally got it done! It's been a long January and now runny noses and colds are following us into February. Having the meal plan should make the week things run a bit smoother around here this week so I can feel less guilty about spending a sick day on the sofa watching Mary Poppins!