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An easy meal plan for our week! We don't have a whole lot going on outside of our normal routine so it should be easy to stick to our plan this week. Nico has been sick the past few days so I have a lot of playing catch-up to do! I've also got a balloon garland installation this weekend so the tail end of this week will be full of balloons and achy fingers!

I haven't actually ordered groceries for the week yet (whoops!) so finding a bag of chicken in the freezer and pulling out my favorite bbq chicken recipe is saving tonight! I'm winging the rice recipe after a quick Pinterest search with what I have on hand and keeping my fingers crossed I have success pulling a dinner out of thin air. 

But, I'm most excited about the chicken cutlet sandwiches. The recipe looks amazing but of course, the story written around them is the real clincher. Check it out, find a delicious recipe, enjoy! 


It's officially Spring which means more sunny days, spring break, and Easter! The kids are spending spring break with their grandparents again while we take a little trip for M's birthday, so I'm getting a head-start on filling the kid's easter baskets. I have a few favorite classics that I always pop into their baskets but I thought I'd share some other fun ideas today.


This is our bright master bedroom! The past few years I've been a little obsessed with using green in design - our master bedroom first, then our guest room, and a few fun touches in some client work I've done. The main inspiration for our bedroom came from this pin. The moment I saw those green walls, I knew it was our color. I didn't know the exact color but I found what I thought was the closest match and went with it. I am THE worst when it comes to painting swatches - I usually go on a whim and it usually works for me. This time? It worked!

It took me a few years before the green walls to figure out the direction I wanted to go in. Like the rest of our house, the furniture has clean lines and there's lots of black and white with natural pops. 

The color is pretty bright but the room is large and gets lots of light so it's really soothing versus being overwhelming. It's just as cozy at night, too!


We got our guy back so it's back to some real meals. I'm kind of excited because one can only eat so much mac and cheese and pizza! 


Happy Sunday! It's finally Spring and I think the cooler weather we've been having here in the south is on it's way out. The kids ask for scooter rides every evening and our counting down the days until the pool opens back up.

We've got spring break around the corner too and I'm excited!


I'll be the first to admit - I have a black thumb! I can keep kids alive but plants? Eh. 

I still love them though! I love the pop of green and color plants bring to a space. They clean + purify the air around you. And, they bring a dose of life to a space. They last longer than flowers too! Which is a bonus, even though fresh flowers are my jam. 

We added a couple mid-sized plants to our home and I am obsessed. So far, they are thriving! So, I thought I'd do a round-up of my favorite planters. 


I'm parenting solo this week while M is away on a work trip. Which means, super easy kid-friendly meals!