Welcome to Kristy Everyday!

I'm Kristy and Kristy Everyday is a lifestyle blog that I write. I live in a small coastal town in South Carolina with my husband, our two children, and one stinky dachshund. Gray Carolina is a collection of stories and pieces of our life. Its original and true purpose was to document all the details that make up our extraordinary, ordinary life. Things that are easily overlooked or forgotten too quickly days later.

I post a lot of pictures, watch Meg Ryan movies when I need to be in another world, buy fresh flowers whenever I can, live in skinny jeans and frame my kids artwork. I'm also a little over the top with the amount of black and white in our house and I color coordinate the bookshelves.

I'm working on my degree. I'm building my own small design business. I deal with anxiety issues. I stockpile books. I dream. I love on my babies. And, I try to live as beautifully and simply as I can while keeping what I share real.