It's Friday, friends! I hope you've all had a week worth having. Ours was surprisingly quick! We got back to our roots with story time and Thursday evening trips to the Farmer's Market and brought home some new plants.


We went to Hawaii two weeks ago and it was amazing. We've been home for a week now and I've been slowly getting things back to normal and trying not to be too bummed that there's no one here to feed me morning, noon, and night. I really miss having someone cook for me!


Happy Friday, friends! It's officially spring break here and I'm blogging from the road. We are driving the kids to their grandparents house in North Carolina before we fly off on a much-needed kids-free trip to Hawaii!


It's almost April! Can you believe it? April is going to be a busy month for us with a road trip to North Carolina, our anniversary trip to Hawaii, and Easter. We actually won't be with the kids on Easter morning this year. Cue all the tears from me!! But, our plane tickets just worked out to be much cheaper to stay an extra day in Hawaii. So, the kids will spend that day with their grandparents and my siblings and their kids doing all the fun things while we enjoy a quiet breakfast and maybe a hike! Of course, I still have to pack the sweetest Easter baskets for my little bunnies.


These kids belong at the beach. They take to the ocean and the sand like little fish. 

Lia runs right to the water like she belongs there. Laughing as she gets knocked down and then comes out of the water with hundreds of tiny shells embedded in her hair.

Nico is a little more cautious with the water. He holds hands with someone but begs to go our further and further. Belly laughs escape his mouth after he sucks in air as the cold water soaks his shirt. 


We're counting down the days until our Hawaiian vacation and I don't think any of us can wait much longer! I've spent the past few weeks pulling together outfits and essentials we'll need and all that's left to do is pack it all.