a family affair.

 photo 086-ZF-8626-54314-1-019_zpsef8b6893.jpg  photo 095bw-ZF-8626-54314-1-021_zps2d9236bf.jpg  photo 127-ZF-8626-54314-1-023_zpsaad5fd4f.jpg
  photo 146-ZF-8626-54314-1-025_zps6b740420.jpg
 photo 048-ZF-8626-54314-1-009_zps62af2aa0.jpg  photo 069-ZF-8626-54314-1-015_zps4c0962be.jpg  photo 124-ZF-8626-54314-1-022_zps356bde0a.jpg
 photo 159-ZF-8626-54314-1-028_zps04879693.jpg

we had our photo session with a local photographer recently. i love the charm that finds its way into pictures when you take them in an area you love. for me, that's any kind of city/downtown area that's full of old buildings, brick walls or cobblestone streets.

ps.  i just can't believe how big our girl has gotten! you can see last years session here.

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