Thursday, June 23, 2016

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Warm evenings on the front porch. A little guy learning to climb the big play set all on his own. Running around town on a book scavenger hunt. Taco bars and a date night. Story time. Popsicles and chalk. Playing with water any way we can. Watching Troop Beverly Hills. Crossing things off our summer list. Trips to the Farmer's Market. Spending our afternoons at the library. Hikes and long walks. Dusting off my bicycle. And, ballet camp for my girl.

Summer has taken my heart. Maybe it's because it's our first "real" summer off from school or maybe it's because I am realizing that I need to enjoy every single minute with my kids because they are growing way too fast, but I have feelings for summer that I have never had before.

Here's to the rest of these hot, sweaty days and warm evenings, baseball games and a road trip, homemade popsicles and giant games of Jenga. Summer, I love you.

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