Friday, September 4, 2015

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It's Friday and I literally want to shout out YAY! It's been another long week. And while the weeks aren't bad necessarily - figuring out new routines and so many changes at once has me feeling a little down. A little unlike myself, I guess.

BUT, the babe is napping which means I can maybe take a shower uninterrupted. We're looking down a three-day weekend and I'm most excited to sleep in (hopefully!) and spend some solo time with my girl. Kindergarten is having a few tiny bumps in the road but we're working on things and she's still loving school. 

And speaking of the road, Nico's trying to hit it. He's gone mobile and there's no turning back. He's figured out an interesting version of the army crawl and it get's him where he needs to be, no doubt.

We were homebodies this week. Staying in mostly to do homework, ordering pizza when cooking sounded like too much work, and cramming, on my end, to wrap up some homework so the weekend is a little more fun. Nico and I stopped by the library. I needed a book for history class and he just wanted to eat the books. We grabbed dinner on my birthday and M & I managed to watch a movie one night. 

And, here's to a good weekend!

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