Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Oh, Animal Kingdom. You were HOT. And it made us extra tired and cranky. And maybe Nicolas managed to pee on M. And maybe, we ended up having to buy a $30 "souvenir tee".

So, maybe just maybe, this wasn't our best day. But, it was still great! The kids met Mickey and Minnie together. Hung out with Goofy and Pluto in Dinoland. And, had lunch with Donald and Daisy!

I sent M off to get on a ride while I hung out with the kids and shared the best strawberry popsicle with Lia. We played a carnival game, bought the kids mickey ears and filled up L's autograph book! We caught the Finding Nemo and Lion King shows. Finding Nemo, hands down, my favorite part of the day!

We rode the safari and bumped into Tarzan, shared a Dole Whip. Watched some fun, bright birds fly around and met some of the Up characters.

And then, around 4:30, it was all too much and we ditched the park for a cool swim in the pool and Cars 2 with some popcorn and snuggles.

Those poolside nights get all the heart eyes.

And, those kids. All the poolside heart eyes and MORE. They were so good. Nico let us know when he was hungry and then chilled out the entire rest of the time. He fell asleep poolside. Didn't blink when characters in huge costumes came around. Shared the stroller with his sister and pretty much rocked it. Lia did amazing with the long days and late bedtimes. We gave her basically no "food rules" except to stay hydrated with water and tried to focus on just having fun.

I think it worked! Now, when can we go back?

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