Thursday, July 9, 2015

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We spent the Fourth exploring around the old governor's mansion. Once upon a time, the small town I grew up in was the capital of North Carolina and the governor lived in a gorgeous house called Tryon Palace. Now, it's for touring and reenacments and weddings (my brother got married there two years ago!).

The gardens were open and there was a reading of the Declaration of Independence. Nico was just happy to be outside. Lia loved walking us through the gardens and telling us what each plant was growing but she was a little bummed there weren't horses in the stable!

We spent the rest of our Fourth at a BBQ with family and friends (my little sister's future in-laws!) hanging out in the pool, dodging storms, eating all the southern foods and watching fireworks. This was the first year that Lia didn't cry during the show and Nico seemed happy enjoying them!

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  1. sounds like such a wonderful time :)
    and you are rocking that blue color mama!