Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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Life, I tell you. It's's FALL! And, things are slacking in our parts. But, we've got pumpkins, the beginnings of a couple homemade costumes, a bowl of candy and a yard full of crunchy leaves so most things are good.

I'm craving an afternoon on the sofa watching all the Meg Ryan movies. It just isn't Fall without one. With midterms and quizzes, it ain't happening. But sometimes this feeling comes over me that so much is right in our world and when we get a cool day and the leaves are scattered across the yard, I can breathe and slow down and know it's my favorite season and it's going to treat me good. 

My iPhone bit the dust last week and after having to wait a few days for a miracle from the husband, he brought it back to life just long enough to get my pictures out. Which makes me insanely happy. So, I'm hoping to get back on the blogging bandwagon so I can document these sweet days.

And, a few favorites before I'm off to scoop up one kid from nap time and the other from school...
Skinny jeans on a 9 month old. Heartbreaker, guys. I'm in trouble.
An entire day alone to clean. I mean nine to five. It never happens, but it did and SO much got done. 
Finding an hour or two to catch up on some TV with my guy.
The fact that the leaves in our yard make it look like Fall even when it's 80 degrees.
And, I am officially done with one class (and I got an A!). I started another one and by mid-December I'll be four classes closer to my degree! 

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