Monday, January 25, 2016

 photo EI9A9721_zpsllp9vhh2.jpg
 photo EI9A9619_zps5rzsyhol.jpg
 photo EI9A9584_zpsaxyfajdt.jpg
 photo EI9A9609_zps0szq5nrz.jpg
 photo EI9A9683_zpszmmsizuw.jpg
 photo EI9A9614_zpsxwinf9vi.jpg photo EI9A9764_zpsnex8pb3e.jpg
 photo EI9A9559_zpsnaodypt6.jpg
 photo EI9A9594_zpssozr95b5.jpg photo EI9A9580_zps2c4viqlv.jpg
 photo EI9A9546_zpsmqszpysu.jpg
 photo EI9A9632_zpsujuv4dl3.jpg photo EI9A9663_zpsv7fvzsox.jpg
 photo EI9A9588_zpsspsdjtsi.jpg photo EI9A9575_zpsxpcsy0oz.jpg
 photo EI9A9747_zps8c5areby.jpg
 photo EI9A9762_zpssi4o5obr.jpg

I contacted a local mama friend of mine back in December and asked her to take some photos for us. It's our first official set as a family of four! We squeezed them in one afternoon after school and before dinner. The kids were a little restless and cranky but she got some amazing shots of us.

Now, I just need to actually print them to hang!

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