Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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+ I binged on Downton Abbey Reruns.
+ And I made a slew of piñatas
+ Most of our days were spent at home staying cozy by the fire with soft pretzels and puzzles to pass by time.

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+ I adjusted to motherhood again while M went back to work.
+ Some days that meant skipping showers and driving both kids through ChickFilA so one could eat and one could nap.
+ I started to fall in love with baby wearing. My Happy baby wrap saved us!
+ The sounds of The Beatles filled our home a lot.
+ I started a book club with some other local mamas.
+ We picked lots of yellow daffodils.

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+ There was one handsome babe rocking the romper look. 
+ I watched a lot of Scandal in my off moments.
+ We signed L up for Kindergarten!
+ Nico started sleeping in his crib.
+ We took a trip to North Carolina to surprise my dad for his birthday!

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+ Our guy turned 30!
+ We planned a trip to Disney.
+ The park and story time at our favorite book store became our stomping grounds.
+ I found new love in old puzzles.
+ Our bathroom got a makeover with some black paint.
+ Lia spent a week at her grandparents house leaving our house very quiet.

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+ There was a picnic with BBQ from the farmer's market.
+ And a hammock big enough for two!
+ My older sister came for a visit!
+ We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some crazy good food.
+ L went to a fancy tea party & her picture made the newspaper.
+ There were beach trips with Rita's, of course.
+ My girl and I got new glasses.
+ And our girl graduated from preschool!

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+ M and I got into The Astronaut Wives Club.
+ Lia started to dress herself!
+ Lia spent some more time in North Carolina with her grandparents.

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+ We painted our bedroom emerald green!
+ There were puddles to jump in and stories to read.
+ Nico and I transitioned to a ring sling and our love for baby wearing kept on.
+ I applied (and was accepted) to a local college.
+ We stocked up on school supplies and uniforms for L.
+ There were brownie sundaes in the backyard and donut mornings.

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+ L made lots of art.
+ We made a hopscotch pattern out of tape in our hallway.
+ There were lots of park dates.
+ Nico learned to sit up!
+ I struggled through my first month of college.
+ And I spent a weekend at the beach celebrating my sister!

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+ Nico learned to crawl!
+ We celebrated my 29th birthday.
+ There were crunchy leaves and pumpkins and mums.
+ I worked my way through classes while L figured out Kindergarten a little more.
+ We decorated for Halloween and made a few plans for house projects.

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+ There was apple pie and costume planning.
+ Nico learned to climb the stairs.
+ He also healed perfectly after his hospital stay!
+ I finished up a class and got an A.
+ A certain little guy decided baths are fun.
+ There were bike rides and stroller walks.
+ And we went as a family of mice for Halloween!

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+ We finished up part of our laundry room re-do with striped walls!
+ We put up twinkly lights and dreamed of Christmas a little.
+ I took both kids on a day date to the book store!
+ Watched a lot of Gilmore Girl reruns.
+ We jumped in a big pile of crunchy leaves.

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+ We ate donuts for breakfast.
+ We handmade our Christmas cards and had family pictures taken.
+ There was a fruit arrangement to surprise L with at school for her birthday.
+  There was a fireplace incident and L sleeps in our room most nights now.
+ We got new stockings and decked the halls and baked treats.
+ Lia was a bon bon in the Nutcracker.

Well 2015, you showed us your madness. We struggled, we were busy, we were swamped. The first half of the year was full of sweet and happy days while we lived life in a newborn haze. Nico fits right in our family and we couldn't be happier that we were blessed enough to become his family. This second half of the year was hard and full of struggles. But, we made it through together. We supported each other, we held each other up when the other was down. We played with our kids and took them on trips and adventures. We did things we didn't think we could do.

But, here's to 2016. Show us what you got. And, please, let it be full of good!

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