Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We threw our little party animals a fun little bash to celebrate them together! So, I hope you guys are ready for a lot of pictures.

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We have a thing for hosting parties in our house. I like the old school and simple feel of birthday parties here. Loved ones piled around the table while we sing Happy Birthday. Kids pouring into the backyard to play. Our backyard has seen a few celebrations in it's time. A gender reveal, a couple birthday parties, family movie nights. It's becoming quite the memory holder.

I kept everything low-key and gave in to L's wishes for a bounce house. These things used to terrify her so I spent most of the party amazed that she was happily bouncing around!

We served a few snacks, pizza and cake, of course. Lia loved hers. Nico wasn't the biggest fan of his. And to go along with my usual non-goodie bag favor, we handed out kraft bags of frosted animal cookies with a tiny animal tied on.

The biggest surprise of the day was when M's mom and sister showed up to our house (from New York) the minute the party was starting. Lia's face was priceless. Girl ran through the house screaming "MOM ABUELA AND ARISBEL ARE HERE!!!!!". She has a flair for drama and she was over the moon excited.

The party was a hit, I think. The kids were spoiled beyond necessary with piles of gifts and more piƱata treats than I thought would be left.

Here's to another fun party in the books.

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